Toro Leaf Blower For Home Gutter Cleaning

Make gutter cleaning part of regular home maintenance.

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A Homeowner must protect the investment of a home, and gutter cleaning is a significant part of regular home maintenance.

This job, though often dreadful, doesn’t have to be difficult. There are some tools recommended for gutter cleaning to make it a bit easier, some you may have, some you
can make, and the rest can be purchased very reasonably as reconditioned tools like the Toro leaf blower.

The Echo leaf blower also is powerful and comes in several gas powered back pack models for the more heavy duty yard maintenance.

Toro leaf blower and Gutter cleaning tools can consist of:

  • pair of waterproof gloves
  • sturdy ladder
  • water hose or gutter cleaning extension
  • bucket with a handle
  • gutter cleaning tools for the Toro Leaf Blower

A long extension with a “U bend” for your Toro Leaf Blower made for gutter cleaning is a handy accessory that can often be used from the ground.Weedeater has a kit that can be easily retrofitted for the Toro leaf blower. This gutter cleaning tool is a beneficial accessory. When cleaning your gutters, you might want to have a bit of bleach water solution in a utility spray bottle to take care of mildew on the gutters as you clean. A quick spray and rinse with the water hose can take care of most stains.

A customer testimonial tells you how he used the gutter cleaning tools by retrofitting them to his Toro Leaf Blower.

Outfitted For Safety

Make sure you are outfitted for safety with some safety glasses and a filter mask to prevent bleach solution from harming you, and to protect from flying debris from the leaf blower. Anytime you are on a ladder, combat falls with all precautions, simplest of which is a dependable pair of shoes with gripping soles. Flip flops are not acceptable!

Toro leaf blower with gutter cleaning attachments

The Toro leaf blower is powerful yet lightweight.

Use the gutter cleaning attachments to clear the leaves and debris from the gutters, or do it by hand. It is best to only clear the debris from the gutters that is within easy reach. Move the ladder often, and utilize the bucket hanging from the ladder. This is a tip that makes final cleanup of gutter cleaning a snap. A bucket can be dumped easier than debris can be raked and cleaned from the flower beds.

Spray any stains with the solution, 1 part bleach, 3 parts water, and spray down with the hose to get gutters clean. Stubborn mildew stains can be treated by leaving the solution on a little longer before you rinse.

Snap on style gutter covers can be installed easily once the gutter cleaning is done properly. There are plenty of choices, but remember the smaller the drainage holes, the less grit collects. The chance of shingle grit washing through is always possible and will need to be checked. There are mesh hole covers available that can be installed into the downspout holes to prevent sneaky debris from stopping up the holes.

Check out this handy video about Gutter Cleaning:

Gutter cleaning can be made less of a chore with some of these suggestions. Just make sure you don’t put this “simple chore” off till the basement takes on water from gutter overflow, or the roof begins to leak from debris pushing rainwater under the roofing material. Pick up a Toro leaf blower reconditioned or your favorite model to make gutter cleaning a little easier.


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