Makita Drill – Makita Drill Types and Features

Makita Drill

Makita introduced the LXT Makita Drill in 2003 with the Brushless motor. The varieties of drills are vast to fit the specifics of the job. Demands of the job to be done create the need for specialized tools, so make sure to choose the
best Makita Drill for the task.

Types of Makita Drill Tools:

  • Makita Spade Handle Drill made especially for Improved Drilling and Mixing.
  • Makita Angle Drill for the perfect angle access for drilling
  • Makita 3/8″ Drill for basic drilling heavy duty performance
  • Makita 1/2″ Drill for rugged durability drilling

The Spade Handle Drill features a powerful motor for improved drilling and mixing performance. With a tough but lightweight construction the spade handle Makita Drill features a rubberized grip for greater control and improved ergonomics for increased operator comfort.

 Various Features of Makita Drill Tools:

Makita Drill tools come in lightweight varieties and rugged heavy duty performance models. The cordless models sport a lithium ion battery proven to outlast the Dewalt Drill. The LXT models have the super portability features of cordless technology with a 30 minute charge time battery. The LXT 18V Makita Drill line has the features necessary to lessen down-time on the job with the quick charge features. The belt clip feature on some models creates a way to keep the tool handy on the person.

Removeable handles, brushless models, all ball-bearing construction models for longer tool life, and ergonomic designs are among the choice features for your Makita Drill.

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Look for the industrial metal gear housing for durability or the lightweight and well balanced models for easier handling.

Try One of The Makita Drill Combo Kits:

Makita 15 pc Combo Kit Image

The Combo Kits may include the Makita Drill, or Makita Impact Driver. There are rechargeable flashlights and radios available in the combo kits as well.

Makita Combo Kits include a choice of tools and a carrying case with the rechargeable battery, charger and other components based on the kit.

Circular Saws, Nailers, angle drills, extra chargers, and reciprocating saws are among the featured tools in some of the combo kits.


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Find The Right Makita Drill For the Job

Reconditioned or factory reconditioned tools are the way to go to save a few bucks to get a quality tool at a fraction of the cost. Used means used tools for sale usually as is condition. Reconditioned means the tool has been repaired to factory specification for a workable, warranted tool. You be the judge which choice is right for the job at hand.

Whether you are mixing mortar for a walkway project or drilling a hole for a bolt in the foundation, choose the right Makita Drill for the purpose. There are a lot of options available, but to be able to do the job with ease the right tool needs to be used.

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