WORX WG430 13 amp Electric Leaf Mulcher/Shredder

Considering a Leaf Mulcher?

WORX WG40 Electric Leaf Mulcher-Shredder-2Need a way to deal with falling leaves other than burning or being picked up as garbage? The WORX WG430 leaf mulcher is an option to consider. It’s electrically powered 13 AMP 120 Volt motor and blade-less leaf shredding system uses a heavy grass trimmer line to tear the leaves into bits. On average the volume can be reduced to less than one tenth original size. You have plenty of mulch ready to be used as compost in vegetable gardens or flower beds. With the ability to mulch around 50 gallons of leaves per minute it is a perfect choice for many homeowners looking for a solution to their fall leaf problem. Easy to assemble (without tools)  and stores away easily. Also comes with a 2-year warranty.

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Top Reasons to Buy the WORX WG430

  • 8,500 RPM 13 Amp motor, Powerful enough to get the job done quickly
  • Easy assembly without tools
  • Shreds 53 gallons of leaves in one minute
  • Very compact for off season storage
  • Deposits leaves and debris directly into bags
  • Perfect source of ground cover and fertilizer
  • Components nest together during storage.
  • Bag holder design provides 1-step mulching and disposal.

A Really Green, Mulching Machine

A traditional gas powered shredder/mulcher can disturb the environment with air and loud noise pollution. Not so with the electric WORX Leaf Mulcher, it puts the ‘GREEN‘ back in ‘going green’. Whether you use your shredded leaves as compost or just get rid of them, this WORX leaf machine insures that you will only have 1 bag of leaf bits to lug around instead of 11 bags of whole leaves. This helps the environment whatever you choose to do with them!

The WORX Leaf machine 13-inch cutting diameter and oversize mouth, lets you mulch over 50 gallons of leaves per minute. Areas full of dried leaves can be gathered and pulverized into manageable piles of mulch in almost no time at all.

Create Your Own Mulch and Compost

Many studies estimate that around 25% of urban waste is made of yard waste and other debris. But in the fall months, this number jumps to around 60% of everything that flows into the local landfill. Using the WORX Leaf Mulcher the leaves that would normally be sent to landfills is recycled into a vitamin enriched material ready for gardens and flowerbeds.

Another advantage of mixing mulch into your growing areas is, it will aerate the soil and encourage growth. In addition, the leaf mulch will increase water retention, thus reducing the need to water saves money and time.

Make Fall Cleanup Fast and Easy!

The WORX Leaf Mulcher has a compact design, weighing less than 20 lbs. total. The parts fit together very nicely for easy storage when not in use. Be ready to go in minutes, with absolutely no additional tools required! Additionally  featured is a dust-reducing clean-air motor cooling system where air and mulched leaves are kept separated through an external air cooling intake and exhaust which reduces dust production greatly.

With the WORX Leaf Mulcher’s safe Flex-a-Line bladeless mulching system, tool-less cutting line replacement, universal bag holder that accepts both paper and plastic bags, and a large on/off switch, this unit is ready for many years of easy, hassle-free operation.

The WORX heavy-duty Leaf Mulcher is the one machine that will end hours of misery once and for all and will

What is Included With Each Purchase?
1 WORX WG430 Leaf Mulcher, 24 replacement cutting lines, and 1 universal bag holder.

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